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Viewpoint from the Villages

The Conservative Party wants to hear our voice too.

In our rural community itís obvious that only the urban centres get the attention, and the money. So letís tell them what we think. Get them to remember us and give us the support we want. The biggest attention goes to the loudest voice, so we can combine our voices to be more effective!

The Chipping Norton & District Branch listens to its members. We are an active branch regularly sending our membersí opinions to our MP Rt. Hon David Cameron, working constantly with the Witney Constitutional Office to campaign effectively for electoral success.

We wish to attract more members and activists from our neighbouring villages, namely Churchill, Cornwell, Kingham, Over Norton, Rollright, Salford and Sarsden. If your village is not mentioned here and you are in a neighbouring district, either come and support us or offer a hand to your local branch. It will be appreciated.

Would you like an event in your village? For fundraising, for membership, for socialising or for political discussion? If so, contact any committee member and weíll be there for you.

Would you like to become a Party member and join in our activities? Our events are open to all supporters. We are an enthusiastic and vigorous branch, committed to rebuilding Britain and keeping the Conservatives in Westminster.

Make a winning decision now and join us.

Guy Wall